zaterdag 29 november 2008

Countdown Auction

Dear Dutch readers of this blog,

My apologies for continuing in English. There might be international bidders for Choco-pi online. The molds (mallen) for Choco-pi were made in a FabLab (see under Links) and one of the ideas of the FabLab concept is the free sharing of ideas within an international network. An announcement about the ChocoPI auction was made on, so there might be people from other parts of the world cooperating in supporting Mathematics Education in the Third World, bidding on too. A warm welcome to them!

Fortunately Mathematicians and Mathematics Teachers/Educators are internationally oriented (we all share the same language, Mathematics, including Mathematical symbols like PI), so I don't think that continuing for a couple of days in English will be a major obstacle to you.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. I lived in Amsterdam for a while and I never ran across a Dutch person whose English wasn't as good or better than mine. In fact I could never learn or practice Dutch because of this, it's a lot easier for them to just speak to you in English (or French or Spanish or whatever else you speak).

  2. Hi James. Indeed quite some Dutch/Amsterdam people understand/speak/write English, So do I. But I do make quite some mistakes (partly because it was a mess in my English class at High School). And indeed one of the difficulties foreigners have in learning Dutch is because most people here understand/speak English. And Dutch is a rather difficult language. On the other hand: in this way foreigners get sort of lazy. My friend Dominique (UK) and Viki (Hungary, both somewhere present on this site, they have been living here now for nearly two years and the few Dutch words they seem to know are the ones I taugh them, like bitterbal.
    How did you come across this site?